Online Art Workshop with Saba Kafil

The full geometry drawing workshop can be viewed here:

flyer for an online art workshop by Saba Kafil

Online Art Workshop Led by Saba Kafil

Learn To Draw A Pattern From The Al Hambra

A geometry drawing workshop for beginners led by artist and garden designer Saba Kafil will teach participants how to draw a pattern taken from the Al Hambra Palace in Granada, Spain.

Duration of workshop: 1 hour.

Materials needed: a compass, pencils (light and heavy-weight), a ruler, 2-3 papers (A4 or A3), pencil sharpener, eraser, small piece of sand paper (to sharpen compass edge, if available) and colouring pencils of your choice.

This event is part of public programme to mark the opening of the School of Sufi Teaching’s new zawiya in London.

This art workshop is supported by Amal, a Saïd Foundation programme.