Faith In The City We Inhabit

The exhibition titled Faith in the city we inhabit coincides with the opening of a new Zawiya by the School of Sufi Teaching (London) and is supported by Amal (a Saïd Foundation programme).

Painters, photographers, graphic designers, architects, calligraphers, poets, storytellers and sound artists have openly interpreted the theme of faith, spirituality or a sense of place in the city that they currently inhabit. Artworks have been received from across the UK and as far as India and Malaysia during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

You can visit pages of the individual artists by clicking on the names below or on the captions accompanying the images in the gallery.

Faith in the City We Inhabit has been curated by Saif Osmani. Design and Execution by Rashmi Munikempanna.

Abu Jafar Alice Fernbank Citi Yousoff Fabiola Retamozo
Fatima Zahra Hassan Gabriele Heller Giulia Patricolo
Jake Sherwood Joydip Sengupta Katya Nosyreva
Krystina Stimakovits Zaman Mohammed Fakruzzaman
Nevine Nasser Pulak Halder Rafiq Mohammed Saba Kafil
Sba Shaikh Shanara Ali-Gazi Teakster Upasana Das Vasanthi Swetha

  • Work of the artist Abu Jafer
  • The work of the artist Citi Yousoff
  • Art of Fabiola Retamozo
  • Journey of a Mystic. Art by Fatima Zahra Hassan.
  • Gabriele Heller. Solitude
  • The work of artist Giulia Patricolo titled Night Journeys in Cardiff, Wait.
  • Work of the artist Jake Sherwood titled Gipsy Hill.
  • Work by artist Joydip Sengupta titled The Following, 2020.
  • Work of the artist Katya Nosyreva titled Geometric Composition
  • Work of the artist Nevine Nasser titled Intercession II.
  • Work of the artist Pulak Halder titled India 2.
  • Still from the film 'Why I Volunteer' by Rafiq Mohammed.
  • Work of artist Saba Kafil titled Terraced Garden.
  • Work of the artist Sba Shaikh titled Eid ul milad un Nabi. Ajmer.
  • Work of the artist Shanara Ali-Gazi titled Timelessness.
  • Work by the artist Teakster titled Dhikr III.
  • Work of the artist Upasana Das titled Faith in Covid-19.
  • Work of the artist Krystina Stimakovits titled To Find Light In Dark Places.


Work of the artist Upasana Das titled Faith in Covid-19.
Upasana Das. Faith in Covid-19.




Rafiq Mohammed. Why I Volunteer. The Film.
Alice Fernbank. Corona Shapes.

Nevine Nasser. Barzakh.

Nevine Nasser. Fayd.