Giulia Patricolo

Giulia Patricolo. Night journeys in Cardiff.
Stop. 54 x 115cm.
Wait. 115 x 54cm.
Go. 115 x 54cm.

Artist Statement: After a long day of work, what I look most forward to is going home. Some days I work long hours, some days I do not work at all. When I finish work, it is the thought of getting home that keeps me going. As I do not drive, everyday is an adventure. Some days I have to take countless trains and buses to get home. Some days I take it easy and stroll home. The main consistency to my journey is that I usually get a bus home from the city centre. This is usually the last bus. If I am lucky I get a double decker. When this happens I climb happily exhausted to the top floor and sit in the front seats. I gaze down at the world below. A world that is so familiar by day yet bizarre by night. I see streets that I barely recognise. I pass people I may never see again. I witness seconds of people’s lives, then leave in a rush as the bus trails across the city. Most of all, I see the lights. I am dazed by the lights. How they sear my mind, imprinting themselves when I close my eyes. I see them all shining provocatively. I cannot ignore them, no matter how tired I am as they are the beacon of hope. No matter how dark you feel, you must remember there is always light shining through. I sit on my bus seat, a seat of elevation, and reflect upon many things. This bus seat may seem ordinary but after a day of travelling extensively and working and playing hard, this very bus seat becomes my special place. I do not usually appreciate my city, Cardiff very much. I always yearn for cities that I see on my working travels as far more exciting. Places such as London, Bristol and Birmingham excite me so much more. However, when I arrive in Cardiff after a long time of being gone, at times I feel so exhausted and happy to have returned to my city that I feel tears in my eyes. Sure, in my eyes it is less exciting than the other cities, however this city is my home. It speaks to me. Keeps me safe as I travel alone, happy in my solitude at night and even at dawn. Makes sure I get home, no matter how incoherent I seem some days, singing to myself just to give me something to focus on, stopping me from collapsing from exhaustion until I get on my bus home with the promise of a warm bed eagerly awaiting me. The paintings mark different steps of my journey home. This is the faith I have in Cardiff, the city that I inhabit.

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