Joydip Sengupta

Joydip Sengupta.

The Following. 2020. 54 x 60, Acrylic on canvas.
The Odds. 2020. 30 x 30 inches, Acrylic on Canvas.
Resonance. 2019. 54 x 54 inches, Acrylic on Canvas.

Artist Statement: The journey of the self is closely connected to a sense of being and belonging.  At one level I realise that my sense of being is closely in sync with my body which represents an immediate abode of dwelling.  But due to various reasons this connectedness between the mind and body can get disrupted and there is a momentary unbelonging which can get prolonged. This experience gives me a reason to dig deeper into finding the real meaning of being connected and rooted to a local. I believe there is a larger force at work representing humanity and beyond, which is like an energy flowing through all the living and non living entities. It is an energy that connects us all with everything else.  It cannot be seen but at some rare moment when you are at one with yourself you can feel the energy vibrating all around, giving you reason to believe that the outer world and inner reality have become a part of it.

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