Rafiq Mohammed

Rafiq Mohammed. Why I volunteer.

Artist Statement: In the current digital age, we are connected more than ever to people across the entire world. Yet even with this outstanding technology, there are still people who feel isolated and abandoned. One example of this is the elderly who live in care homes across the UK. Some of them are suffering from dementia, which can affect a person’s ability to be independent: simple tasks like going out to buy shopping, visiting someone or a place can become difficult.

By learning from the examples of the past, I wanted to connect to my faith by applying the teachings in the modern world. Like Rumi stated that to become wiser means requires to change myself. No matter how big or small, I feel that it is a religious duty to help these people in our community. Anas bin Malik narrated, an older man came to talk to the Prophet Muhammad , and the people were hesitant to make room for him. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: ‘he is not one of us who does not have mercy on our young and does not respect our elders’. 

What makes me strongly connected to my faith is having the ability to help others who are from a disadvantaged background or who are in need of support. One way to support the elderly is by bringing young people from a variety of faiths, gender and ethnicity and building companionship through engagement. This is very rewarding and important for the elderly as well as young people

Rafiq Mohammed. Why I Volunteer.