Zaman Mohammed Fakruzzaman

Zaman Mohammed Fakruzzaman. Untitled I and II and III.

Artist Statement: I work with colour schemes, with chaotic forms, incisive lines that cut a surface like a knife, or space that opened on to emptiness that the symptomatic of life’s emptiness, in my search for a personal idiom. In an attempt to blend western techniques and local influences, I merge the beneficent effect nature and the landscape has on me. The themes are taken directly from the life of the country that I am in. Colour is an organic function in my painting and colour remains the most protean element in the structures of my paintings.

Often I am inspired by the cosmic vision of primitive people in an ancient world: gritty textures, glowing colours and bold imagery. Some of my paintings have no title, opening the opportunity for each and every one to make their own interpretation. When I create work, my mind and heart expresses my real feelings; it springs from deep inside of me and has to do with finding an equilibrium with nature.