Online Architectural Presentation

Online Architectural Presentation. London Festival of Architecture. 2020.

For the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2020 an online architectural presentation was held about The School of Sufi Teaching’s new zawiya, a centre of Sufi and Islamic-based learning, in Bethnal Green in East London. The zawiya is the first of its kind in Europe with design input from an international group of architects, artists and craftspersons who have woven Islamic design principles into the context of the Globe Town Conservation Area where the new centre is located. The architectural design of the building is conceived as a space that reflects the transformative power of the spiritual practices in a contemporary context. The centre aims to bring together a diverse audience to explore the relationship between architectural space and spiritual experience. 

Team: architect Nevine Nasser, ceramicist Katya Nosyreva, calligrapher Citi Yousoff and garden designer Saba Kafil.

Hosted by Garry Doherty and Saif Osmani.

This arts programme is supported by Amal (a Saïd Foundation programme).